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Group Strength & Strategies

Chua Kang Lim 
Chairman/CEO/Executive Director
Chua Sui Feng

Executive Director

Kwong Choong Kuen

Independent Non-Executive Director / Audit Committee Chairman
Dax Teo Tak Sin

Independent Non-Executive Director / Remuneration Committee Chairman

Choong Mai Foong, Grace

Independent Non-Executive Director / Nomination Committee Chairwoman

Our Company provides flexible and reliable transport and storage services to our clients ensuring customer’s supply chain requirements are met. This is achieved by our effective planning and facilitation of all transportation processes to ensure efficient flow of services.

In addition, we have a long and established track record, serving the industry since 1992. Our reliable quality service coupled with continuous client engagement has enabled us to establish strong customer bases across m
ultiple industries.

We also have established strong and close working relationships with several r
eputable customers over the years, maintaining their businesses for as long as 10 years.

Further, equipped with an experienced and dedicated management team, our Company is able to serve the industry with our extensive experiences, combined in-depth knowledge across employees and understanding of the industry in general.

Board of Directors

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